Cleveland's plan for the development and improvement of Whiskey Island

In 1988 the City of Cleveland's Planning Commission, under the direction of Hunter Morrison, completed a plan for Whiskey Island. The plan was made official through City ordinance 1878-88. The ordinance referred to Whiskey Island as a "blighted and deteriorated area" and that the Plan would "afford maximum opportunity consistent with the sound needs of the City as a whole" and gives "due consideration to the provisions of adequate open space, park and recreational areas appropriate to the area..."



  • Area: 80 acres incorporating roughly the eastern one quarter of Whiskey Island, north of the Conrail line, up to and including the old coast Guard Station.
  • Objectives
  1. Increase the small-boat marina space.
  2. Increase the quantity and quality of restaurants and entertainment building space.
  3. Increase off-street parking.
  4. Increase public access to the riverfront.
  • Land Use Controls
  1. Land use restricted to that which serves boaters and the public in general.
  2. Coast Guard Station must be rehabilitated in accordance with U.S. Secretary of the Interior's standards. Ohio State Historic Preservation office must give final approval to the rehab.
  3. Marina requirements are outlined, including number of slips and dry stack storage.

Map of the Whiskey Island I Action Area
Map of the action area