1995 -- Whiskey Island Partners' Agreement

In the words of a Fact Sheet from Cornell University: "The development of Whiskey Island Marina is a model of how coastal access for the public can be achieved through public and private sector development agreements. Located on Cleveland's downtown lakefront, this marina was designed by a developer with a vision for creating public access in combination with the operation of a privately-owned and operated marina."

In 1995, the City of Cleveland passed ordinance 1018-95 authorizing the "Mayor and the Director of Economic Development to enter into a devolopment agreement with Whiskey Island Partners, Limited." Whiskey Island Partners proposed to include "development of significant public areas which will include a fishing pier, waterfront promenade, picnic area, a riverside plaza, an observation deck, transient dockage, open space, and public parking"

On the City's part, the City promised to provide a dedicated roadway for access to Whiskey Island.

Today, the marina is operating and, during the boating season, the public has free access to the greenspace.

Aerial view of Whiskey Island showing the marina, greenspace, and Old Coast Guard Station
Whiskey Island aerial view