Whiskey Island's Past

Whiskey Island was one of the first sights seen by Moses Cleaveland as he entered the Cuyahoga River in 1796. This land remained Indian Territory until it was purchased in 1805. It was first transformed when the mouth of the river was moved east in 1827 and then filled in north of the R.R. tracks in the early 1900's. A public marina was developed in 1993 providing public access to Lake Erie and the mouth of the Cuyahoga River for the citizens of Ohio and our visitors.

Whiskey Island's Present

The land between the river and the marina basin has been for sale since 1999. These 20 acres of beautiful greenspace along the lakefront and riverfront is what the Friends of Whiskey Island are proposing to become Whiskey Island Lakefront & Riverfront Park. It is a serene park setting with the sights and sounds of the big city. Presently the public can enjoy access to this area during Whiskey Island Marina operating hours. It could be ours, 365 days a year -- if it were a park.

Whiskey Island's Future

The future of public access to the eastern end of Whiskey Island is in question. The only plans for this area is to expand the Port Authority west of the river. It is urgent that our public and private leaders provide a new plan for public access to this precious greenspace along the shore of the lake and mouth of the river. We can not afford to lose our access and recreation without having a comprehensive study done, before it is to late. Please get involved!

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